Our agriculture

On the Angererhof, animal welfare is the base of our food production.

In order to ensure a high quality of our agricultural products, we attach great importance to animal-friendly farming methods. That’s why really vital chickens live in our “chicken mobile”. They really enjoy living on juicy green meadows. Wherever animals are doing well, there is also good food.

Anyone who once has experienced our approximately 1000 free-running chickens is sure: the animals are doing well here. The best part, you taste the difference! The sun-yellow yolk of the non - contaminated eggs makes the tasty difference at home in the kitchen.

In addition to chicken eggs, we also produce our own hay milk. Five cows belong to the farm exclusively fed with fragrant hay or fresh grass. We completely dispense with the feeding with silage – out of conviction.

“Südtirol heute” as guest at farmer Harald

A natural and healthy animal husbandry for our chickens...

The Angererhof in Lutago

Free-range eggs and hay milk from the local farmer

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